TZ Medical’s line of neurosurgical products offers distinct advantages over the competition. Our titanium distraction pins for anterior cervical fusion are stronger, sharper, and safer than competing pins, and all our neurosurgical products are compatible with the most commonly used surgical systems to give you complete surgical confidence.

Distraction Pins

TZ Medical titanium distraction pins for anterior cervical fusions have a self-drilling design that allows for effortless insertion. In addition, TZ Medical's distraction pins have a 10% wider diameter than typical distractions pins for increased durability and complete surgical confidence.

Skull Pins

TZ Medical skull pins are a disposable solution to cranial stabilization. The stainless steel skull pins are inserted into the skull clamp to fixate the patient’s head during surgery. The pins are packaged sterile in a pack of three, and come with a protective cap, making them safe and easy to handle.