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Distraction Pins

TZ Medical titanium distraction pins for anterior cervical fusions have a self-drilling design that allows for effortless insertion. In addition, TZ Medical's distraction pins have a 10% wider diameter than typical distraction pins for increased durability and complete surgical confidence. TZ Medical distraction pins are color-anodized and laser-engraved for easy visual identification of size. They are available to order in four sizes: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm.

Product Features

  • Triple Fluted design for easier insertion into bone
  • Wider diameter than typical distraction pins
  • Color-coded sizes for faster identification
  • Made with 100% titanium
  • Cost-effective
  • Safer and sturdier than pins made from stainless steel
  • Compatible with all current ACF systems

What Our Customers Say

Ordering Information

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12mm Distraction Pin

Blue, 12mm

14mm Distraction Pin

Yellow, 14mm

16mm Distraction Pin

Green, 16mm

18mm Distraction Pin

Purple, 18mm

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Caspar Distractor

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