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Bringing Your Ideas To Market

At TZ Medical, we take pride in our practice of listening to and partnering with physicians, nurses, and technologists to help bring their product ideas to market. With decades of practical experience in design, manufacturing, and engineering, we excel in transforming your napkin drawings into product realities. We value your input, and we like to make that tangible by paying you a percentage of the gross sales for products that were sparked by your ideas.

As clinicians, you are on the front lines of medicine and have an optimal viewpoint to identify unmet needs and issues. If you have a product idea sitting on the back burner, please feel free to reach out to your local TZ representative, and they will help show you how we can take it from concept to reality. We look forward to hearing from you!​

How To Bring Your Ideas To Market


1c Project Proposal

So, you have a new idea for an innovative product? Great! We would love to hear all about it. The first step is a submission form for our Product Management Team to review. This is where we gather information on your product idea, the problem it solves, and the potential for future success.

2-Sep-11-2023-09-21-02-4217-PM Market Research

If your product fits within our core focus, we will use this next phase to evaluate the scope of the market by collecting field data. We will gauge the product's viability based on the feedback we receive.

3-2 Project Approval

Once we have established a viable market for the proposed product, the project will be approved and added to the roadmap.

4-1 Product Design

Designing new medical devices takes time, even for simple ideas. As we work through the design process, we will provide you with regular updates and may seek your feedback on various design alternatives.

5 Regulatory Approvals

Once the design is complete, your new product will undergo testing as required by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. This is the final hurdle before we start production.

6 Product Release

The final step in the process is the product launch. Once all of the regulatory approvals are complete, we will start selling your new product through our nationwide sales force.