TZ Medical’s line of interventional products combines innovation with efficiency to deliver high-quality solutions for interventional procedures. With multiple options to accommodate a variety of procedure types, our products are designed to optimize ergonomics, visualization, and accuracy to improve clinical outcomes for the patient and staff.

AccuFlate - Inflation Device

The TZ Medical AccuFlate is a 20ml disposable device designed to accurately control and monitor pressure during inflation and deflation of dilation balloon catheters. Our patented technology allows the Inflation Device to generate pressure up to 30 atm with accuracy of ±1 atm.

M-CATH - Microcatheter

The M-CATH Microcatheter is a state-of-the-art platform that provides increased guidewire support and deliverability for complex coronary revascularization. The advanced hybrid shaft design helps maximize pushability, torque, and trackability, while the tapered, low profile tip enables enhanced crossability.

Shoot 'N See

The TZ Medical Shoot 'N See is a flexible medical grade tape for use during any vascular procedure involving radiography or fluoroscopy. Applied to the skin or drape before the procedure, the radiopaque markings are visible both to the eye and under fluoroscopy, which allows for quick cross-referencing between the inside and outside of a patient's body.