TZ Medical’s line of interventional products combines innovation with efficiency to deliver high-quality solutions for interventional procedures. With multiple options to accommodate a variety of procedure types, our products are designed to optimize ergonomics, visualization, and accuracy to improve clinical outcomes for the patient and staff.

Control Mechanical Thrombectomy System

The Control Mechanical Thrombectomy Aspirator combines simplicity with maximum pressure to provide optimal control during thrombectomy procedures. Designed with dual valve technology, vacuum pressure is easily controlled by squeezing and releasing the handle, allowing for continuous force while preventing re-injection of the aspirant. The closed fluid system drains the aspirant directly into the 250 ml collection bag when releasing the handle, providing successful thrombectomy with a fraction of the blood loss compared to pump based systems. Instantly start, stop, increase, decrease, and maintain pulse force with a simple to use system that is easily accessible on the procedure table.

Shoot 'N See

The TZ Medical Shoot 'N See is a flexible medical grade tape for use during any vascular procedure involving radiography or fluoroscopy. Applied to the skin or drape before the procedure, the radiopaque markings are visible both to the eye and under fluoroscopy, which allows for quick cross-referencing between the inside and outside of a patient's body.