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Shoot 'N See

The TZ Medical Shoot 'N See is a flexible medical-grade tape for use during any vascular procedure involving radiography or fluoroscopy. Applied to the skin or drape before the procedure, the radiopaque markings are visible both to the eye and under fluoroscopy, allowing quick cross-referencing between the inside and outside of a patient's body.

Product Features

  • Fully visible with or without fluoroscopy
  • Arrow indicators to indicate the precise location of the lesion(s)
  • The adhesive may be applied to the skin or drape
  • Allows for quick cross-referencing between the inside/outside of the patient’s body
  • Packaged sterile
  • Measures up to 40 cm or 400 mm
  • Great for vascular procedures


Ordering Information

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Shoot 'N See Radiopaque Tape CM

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Shoot 'N See Radiopaque Tape MM

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