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The TZ Medical URPro is a universal system that directly replaces your current MAVIG™ shields with high-quality and long-lasting radiation protection panels. The URPro panels are uniquely designed to match your current MAVIG™ frame system*, allowing you to replace any and/or all damaged panels through a simple installation process. More importantly, each panel is well-structured with fabric binding around the edges to reduce common issues with fraying and deterioration caused by long-term usage.

Product Features

  • Attenuates 98% of secondary and scatter radiation at 80 kVp
  • Lead equivalent of 0.50 mm
  • Enhanced lower body radiation protection
  • Directly compatible with current MAVIG™ bedside drape framing systems
  • Simple installation process
  • Can replace any number of damaged panels
  • Fabric binding and structured frame reduces long-term fraying and deterioration
  • Long-lasting solution at a cost-effective price

*TZ Medical only supplies URPro Radiation Protection Shields/Panels. All other components are manufactured and trademarked products of the MAVIG™ corporation.

Ordering Information

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URPro Replacement Panel Set

Set of 5 Replacement Panels

URPro Replacement Panel

Single Panel Replacement (1 each)