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Comfort Shield

The TZ Medical Comfort Shield is a leaded shield accessory that supplements the Comfort Cradle arm board. The shield measures 23” x 30”, offering a large area of radiation protection to medical staff during procedures involving fluoroscopy.

Product Features

  • Attenuates 97.9% of secondary and scatter radiation at 80 kVp
  • Low-profile design of Comfort Cradle maintained when shield is in use
  • Easy to slip on and off the Comfort Cradle arm board
  • Made of durable, flexible material is easy to sanitize
  • Comes with a hanger for easy storage

The Comfort Shield is designed to fit easily over the TZ Medical Comfort Cradle arm board and attenuates nearly 98% of secondary and scatter radiation while remaining unobtrusive to the medical staff.

Ordering Information

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Leaded Shield Drape

Leaded Shield Drape