Radial Access

Radial Access

With a variety of innovative solutions to choose from, TZ Medical’s radial access line of products help optimize patient positioning, hemostasis, and ergonomics to improve clinical outcomes and patient and staff safety.

ARC - Adjustable Radial Cuff

The TZ Medical Adjustable Radial Cuff (ARC) is a premium radial hemostasis controlled compression device designed to accurately apply focused compression to the arteriotomy. The ARC’s structured cuff design and targeted inflation system provide consistent, focused hemostasis and maintain patency of the radial artery (patent hemostasis), while protecting the ulnar artery integrity. The structured design also reduces circumferential compression of the wrist and improves arterial flow to the hand and venous return.

Cobra Board

The Cobra Board is a buttress device that can prevent arm drift during left radial artery procedures. This device accommodates a wide range of anatomies due to the flexible 12 inch gooseneck design. The gooseneck is also high tensile to prevent the instrumented arm from drifting away from the operator during catheterization procedures. The carbon fiber base plate fits between the procedural table and mattress, and the cuff is positioned behind the patient’s tricep, for optimal patient comfort and enhanced operating ergonomics.

Radial Runway

The Radial Runway provides a radiolucent platform that keeps the patient's wrist in a deflected position for ideal radial access. Disposable straps allow the wrist to be positioned in multiple neutral or extended angles optimizing patient comfort and physician preference. The foam pad and straps remain with the patient post-procedure, acting as an immobilizer for the patient’s wrist during recovery.


Take advantage of the benefits of Left Radial Artery Access from a comfortable working position. The StandTall™ is an intuitively designed external vascular sheath extender that conveniently redirects workflow to the right side of the procedure table. As a result, you can operate with your preferred dominant hand, maintain optimal posture, and reduce musculoskeletal stress and fatigue. StandTall™ drastically improves both patient and physician positioning for left radial artery procedures performed from the right side of the procedure table. StandTall™ enables the physician to work left radial access cases comfortably, without having to hunch or stoop over and avoids the hassle of having to revert to femoral access and the various increased risks that going femoral entails.