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Trident® Nano

The Trident Nano line of monitors is designed to capture clear and comprehensive ECG tracings during Holter and Extended Holter studies. With multiple wear options, 8G of internal storage, and a low-profile design, the Trident Nano offers a unique combination of minimal body burden with the superior diagnostic yield of a 3-channel recording for study durations of up to 30 days.

Product Features

  • Records 3 channels of ECG from a single patch electrode or 3-lead cable
  • Fast and simple data retrieval via USB connection
  • Fully reusable and rechargeable device
  • Multi-color LED light indicator for device notifications
  • Water-resistant for showering

Multiple Wear Options

Our multitude of wear options and accessories allow care providers to accommodate their patients with the quality care that they deserve.   

Trident Nano Accessories

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Trident Nano

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