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Pro11 Wireless Headsets

The TZ Medical Pro11 Headset System enables teams to talk hands-free in the Cath Lab and EP Lab, and adjacent rooms. With the Pro11 Headset, there are no raised voices or straining to hear, just clear, calm communication between every member of the team, reducing stress and creating a better working environment. The system has full connectivity with external broadcast and audiovisual streaming facilities, enabling the physician to participate in real-time in remote broadcasts and seminars. Using high-quality DECT frequencies, multiple systems can be used on the same premises without interference.

Product Features

  • Clear, discrete audio communication between physician and clinical staff
  • Results in safer, more effective workflows and treatment
  • Operates on high-quality DECT frequencies
  • The system is encrypted to avoid interference from other devices or powerful emissions.
  • Multiple systems can be used in the same premises without break-through.

Ordering Information

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Pro11 Healthcare Headsets


Pro11 Headset Charger

6 Port Charger

Pro11 Base Station

Supports 30 Headset Users


Headset Shelf Charger
Hygiene Covers
Ear Cushions, Pack of 100