Radial Runway

Radial Runway

The Radial Runway provides a radiolucent platform that keeps the patient's wrist in a deflected position for ideal radial access. Disposable straps allow the wrist to be positioned in multiple neutral or extended angles optimizing patient comfort and physician preference. The foam pad and straps remain with the patient post-procedure, acting as an immobilizer for the patient’s wrist during recovery.

Product Features

Can be used for radial access on either wrist
Wrists may be positioned at multiple angles
Adjustable straps fit any size patient
Disposable straps, foam pad & brace
Keeps patient comfortable during procedure
Pad with brace remains with patient for recovery
Latex Free
Can be used with the TZ Medical Flat Radial Board

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Radial Runway Base

Reusable Base, 1 Each

Top Pads, Straps And Brace

Disposable, Box of 10