TZ Medical SoftGels provide superior cushioning and positioning during surgical procedures. Use our SoftGels to ensure optimal exposure to surgical sites, correct airway management, and provide physiological safety for the patient.

Product Features

Reduces skin changes and pressure induced soreness
Allows for correction to airway management
Increase patient positioning stability
Washable and reusable for any surgical procedure
Allows for easy exposure to surgical site, providing optimal physiological safety for the patient

Ordering Information

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Arm Gels

Flat Arm board, 24"x4.5"x0.625"

Contoured Arm board, 20"x5.75"x2.25"

Ulnar Nerve Protector, Large, 20.13"x13.75"x0.25"

Ulnar Nerve Protector, Small, 16.25"x6.5"x0.5"

Ankle and Foot Gels

Gel Calf Cup, 24"x4.5"x0.625"

Gel Heel Cup, 20"x5.75"x2.25"

Heel Protector Pad, Large, 20.13"x13.75"x0.25"

Ankle Stirrup Pad, Small, 16.25"x6.5"x0.5"

Table Overlay Gels

Full Length Table Gel Overlay, 20"x72"x0.5"

Gel Torso Table Overlay, 20"x42"x0.5"

Gel Head Table Overlay, 20"x10"x0.5"

Gel Foot Table Overlay, 20"x20"x0.5"

3 Piece Table Gel Overlay, Includes TZ-GELFT3-T, TZ-GELFT3-HD, TZ-GELFT3-FT

Head Gels

Adult Gel Donut, 8"ODx3"IDx1.75"H

Adult Donut, Extra Deep, 8"ODx3"IDx3"H

Pediatric Gel Donut, 5.5"ODx2.25"IDx1.25"H

Neonatal Gel Donut, 3.07"ODx1.68"IDx0.81"H

Adult Horseshoe Gel Donut, 8"ODx3"IDx1.75"H

Pediatric Horseshoe Gel Donut, 5.5"ODx2.25"IDx1.25"H

Neonatal Horseshoe Gel Donut, 3.25"ODx1.5"IDx1.75"H

Prone Headrest, 8.75"ODx7.75"IDx4.75"H

Supine Headrest, 11"ODx9.5"IDx2.625"H

Head Pad, 11"ODx9.5"IDx3.5"H

Body Positioner Gels

Flat Bottom Chest Roll, 4"x4"x12"

Flat Bottom Chest Roll, 4"x4"x16"

Flat Bottom Chest Roll, 4"x4"x20"

Flat Bottom Chest Roll, 6"x6"x12"

Flat Bottom Chest Roll, 6"x6"x16"

Flat Bottom Chest Roll, 6"x6"x20"

Patient Positioner, 10"x4.5"x2"

Patient Positioner, 14"x4.5"x2"

Patient Positioner, 18"x4.5"x2"