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Comfort Cradle

The TZ Medical Comfort Cradle is a versatile product that aids both the patient and the operator during procedures. The cradle’s extended width improves comfort, making long procedures more tolerable for the patient. The dimensions of the cradle support and protect the arm, and allow the physician’s hands to be unobstructed during PPM implants, making the patient more accessible.

Product Features

  • Patient is more accessible to the physician
  • Extra wide dimensions for added comfort
  • Reduces secondary and scatter radiation
  • Extremely durable polycarbonate construction
  • Superior image quality
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty

The Comfort Cradle also offers the ability to position the Flat Detector (or II) in direct contact with the patient in all views, reducing secondary and scatter radiation. The result is superior image quality and reduced radiation exposure for the staff. The new white Comfort Cradles are made from a Polypropylene material that is extremely durable and stands up to heavy use day in and day out.

Ordering Information

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Comfort Cradle Kit

Comfort Cradle Kit

Comfort Cradle Kit, with Two Armboards
Polypropylene Comfort Cradle Kit

Polypropylene Comfort Cradle Kit

Polypropylene Comfort Cradle Kit, with Two Armboards
Comfort Clouds

Comfort Clouds

Comfort Clouds, Armboard Padding