Femoral Access

Femoral Access

TZ Medical’s line of femoral access products offers a variety of configurations to accommodate multiple patient and procedure types. Our hemostasis products provide our customers and their patients with time-tested efficiency and unparalleled safety.


The TZ Medical Neptune Pad is a natural product derived from sustainably harvested seaweed that utilizes calcium ions to facilitate hemostasis. These ions are activated by the introduction of blood to the Neptune pad and help to naturally speed up clot formation at the puncture site.

EZ Hold

The TZ Medical EZ Hold is a manual-assist compression device that was developed to aid the clinician in manual femoral pressure. The ergonomic design of the EZ Hold permits the clinician to hold pressure comfortably with one hand while palpating the pulse with the other.

Femoral Pressure Discs

TZ Medical's Femoral Pressure Discs can be used as a hemostasis device with our EZ Hold product. Our discs help to apply firm and even pressure on the access point to ensure hemostasis is achieved safely and effectively. Our discs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all technician preferences and patient body types.