EP Mapping / Recording Catheter

EP Mapping/Recording Catheter

The dual-site 7F catheter provides the electrophysiologist with multiple options for the treatment of atrial and ventricular tachyarrhythmias. It allows the physician to position the distal end of the catheter into the coronary sinus (CS) while allowing the proximal electrodes to map the high right atrium (HRA). Subclavian access eliminates the need for an additional femoral stick. The 14 platinum electrode spacing helps facilitate assessment of a line of conduction block.

Product Features

Great handling characteristics to reduce procedure time
Atraumatic catheter introduction and removal
Maintains catheter integrity for patient safety
Consistent high fidelity diagnostic electrograms
Fourteen (14) large surface area electrodes
Dual-site configuration, 3 (70) 3 mm spacing
Mapping of both the CS and HRA with the same catheter
Quick connect cable

TZ Catheters are indicated for mapping, pacing, and stimulation of atrial anatomy requiring large surface area electrodes; routine diagnostic EP procedures; pre-existing or induced atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation; and clinical settings where arrhythmias are encountered.

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14 Pole EP Catheter

14 Pole Catheter, Cournand Curve