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Trident™ Pro Accessories

The Trident™ Pro line of cardiac monitors is fully equipped with state-of-the-art accessories that are designed to improve work flow and increase the quality of short/long term monitoring studies.

Accessories Include

  • Multi-Port Charger - Ensure multiple devices are fully charged and ready for long term studies
  • Charge-While-Wear Cable - Charge the monitoring device without disrupting current monitoring activity (Used with Medical Grade Barrel Jack Charger)
  • USB Cable - Quickly transfer data to and from the monitoring device (USB Wall Charger included)
  • Lead Cables - 3- or 4-electrode cables available
  • Holster - Discrete and light-weight storage for comfortable mobility

Ordering Information

Click on a part number (PN) below to request a quote for that part.

Multi-Port Charger

Trident™ 40 Multi-Port Charger

9 Device Charging Dock - Includes PSU
9 Device Charging Dock - Charge Only
Electrode Cable

Trident™ 40 3-Electrode Cable

3-Electrode Cable
4-Electrode Cable

Trident™ 40 4-Electrode Cable

4-Electrode Cable
40 Holster

Trident™ 40 Holster

Holster, Belt Clip
USB Cable

Trident™ 40 USB Cable

USB Cable
Charge-While-Wear Cable

Trident™ 40 Charge-While-Wear Cable

Charge-While-Wear 3-Electrode Cable
Medical Grade Barrel Jack Charger

Medical Grade Barrel Jack Charger

Charger, for use only with H3R-0212
Wall Charger

Trident™ 40 Wall Charger

Trident™ 40 Wall Charger