Distraction Pins

Distraction Pins

TZ Medical titanium distraction pins for anterior cervical fusions have a self-drilling design that allows for effortless insertion. In addition, TZ Medical's distraction pins have a 10% wider diameter than typical distractions pins for increased durability and complete surgical confidence.

Product Features

Triple Fluted design for easier insertion into bone
Wider diameter than typical distraction pins
Color-coded sizes for faster identification
Made with 100% titanium
Cost effective
Safer and sturdier than pins made from stainless steel
Compatible with all current ACF systems

TZ Medical distraction pins are color anodized and laser-engraved for easy visual identification of size. They are available to order in four sizes: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm.


To whom it may concern, I would like to thank the team at TZ Medical for the opportunity to introduce the TZ Medical distraction pins to my surgeons. Once my surgeons trialed the TZ Medical distractions pins they requested that we switch from the current $38,000 Distraction Pins. I proposed we switch to the OR Director and Materials Management Director without any hassle due to the response of the surgeons approval of the product and the nearly $38,000.00 a year cost savings. With this kind of cost savings I was able to justify the purchase of much needed Inst. for the Spine Surgeons and also add a part time employee to our staff.
Jeremy O. Sterile Processing Supervisor / Product Line Coordinator

Ordering Information

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12mm Distraction Pin

Blue, 12mm

14mm Distraction Pin

Yellow, 14mm

16mm Distraction Pin

Green, 16mm

18mm Distraction Pin

Purple, 18mm

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Caspar Distractor

Caspar Distractor, Right

Caspar Distractor, Left