Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery

TZ Medical’s line of Labor and Delivery products are designed to increase patient comfort and safety during high-BMI c-section procedures. Our easy-to-use Pannus Retention Systems allow for optimal positioning of the panniculus before and after surgery, while reducing damage to the skin often caused by medical grade tape.

Pannus Retention System - 4 Pads, 2 Straps

The TZ Medical Pannus Retention System (CZ-PRS-04) is used to safely and effectively move and retain excess tissue. The PRS-04 consists of 4 adhesive pads and 2 adjustable straps (anchor points and connectors) that can be easily repositioned after application. The PRS-04 is packaged sterile, designed for high-BMI c-sections, and is also ideal for surgical applications.

Panni™ Postpartum Retractor

The Panni™ Postpartum Retractor is a postoperative pannus management system designed to retract and position excess tissue away from the incision site after C-section procedures. The Panni™ can be easily applied by one person and is completely adjustable to ensure optimal patient comfort. This device helps to facilitate wound health by exposing the incision site to air and can be worn for up to 3 days while laying, standing, and showering.