The TZ Medical Neptune Pad is a natural product derived from sustainably harvested seaweed that utilizes calcium ions to facilitate hemostasis. These ions are activated by the introduction of blood to the Neptune pad and help to naturally speed up clot formation at the puncture site.

Product Features

Speeds up Hemostasis
Extra-large surface area
Naturally derived from seaweed
Cost effective
Ad-Skin Patch Transparent Film Dressing included
The texture helps prevent sliding or sticking
Latex free & contains no animal products

Neptune has no known contraindications and may be safely used on all patients. The texture of the pad eliminates sliding, sliming, and sticking to gloves, and because the entire pad is the active ingredient there is no "right-side-up".


We have been very pleased with the results of the Neptune patch. It shortens recovery time thereby increasing patient satisfaction! Great customer service from TZ Medical!!!! Thank you!!!!
Peggy Chrisco, Lead Nurse / ACU Lenoir Memorial Hospital

Ordering Information

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2"X2", Standard pad


1"X2", Standard pad


2"X2", Thinner pad with Silver Nitrate Added

Neptune Plus

2"X2", With Polymer Backing