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Control Thrombectomy Filter System

The Control Thrombectomy Filter is a universal system that is compatible
with multiple mechanical thrombectomy devices and provides instant visualization of
extracted thrombus without having to leave the sterile field. The transparent housing of
the filter is designed with anti-fog material to allow for clear and immediate observation
of collected thrombus.

Product Features

  • Provides instant and clear visualization of
    extracted thrombus on the sterile field
  • The filter is compatible with multiple thrombectomy systems
  • Fog-resistant chamber traps thrombus for
    easy visualization
  • It comes with an on/off switch connector

Ordering Information

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Control Filter Web

Control Thrombectomy Filter

Single Filter, Box of 5
Control Filter and Tubing

Control Filter and Tubing Set

Set of 1 Filter and Thrombectomy Tubing