Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

Would you like to have the potential opportunity for future employment with a medical device company? TZ Medical is a family owned small business based in Portland, Oregon that has been in the industry for over 20 years. We are offering a paid summer sales internship, allowing potential for future employment in our sales department. During the internship, you will learn the ins and outs of our sales process, account management, and much more!

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2021 Internship Details

Come learn the ins and outs of medical sales, and see what the TZ Team is all about!



40 hours per week



Home Office in Portland, OR



13 Weeks, Monday - Friday



Minimum Wage


Cost of Lodging

Covered by TZ Medical


Start/End Dates

May 31, 2021 - Aug. 27, 2021

Intern Testimonials

The summer internship with TZ Medical offered extremely valuable work experience but beyond that it gave me great opportunities, friends, and memories. And the latter are what makes TZ special. The sales experience that the internship offered was fun and challenging but additionally it gave me the opportunity to see if TZ and sales was the company and position I wanted moving forward. I took the internship because the company itself is awesome, from being a small family owned company to the unique and awesome products that you get to learn about and sell. The thing that makes TZ so special though and made the summer internship experience so amazing is the people at TZ. The company culture and attitude is something I realized from my first conversations with TZ employees and made itself even more abundant once I was in the office. I have never been part of a company, team, or group where no matter who you turn to for help they are happy to lend a hand. The people at TZ aren't people that I interacted with at work because I had to, they were people I wanted to hang out with outside work. This especially goes for the group of people that went through the internship with me. There was 7 of us that were a part of the 2018 intern class, and we are now lifelong friends. We all talk on a daily basis about work and just life in general. Everyone at TZ was a great host especially to those of us from outside of Oregon. Every chance they had they gave us the opportunity to explore Oregon and the West Cost. Just to close my summer internship with TZ Medical was much more than just work, it was great new friends, and great new memories.
Sean Cadden - 2018 Intern Class, Current Employee
My experience as an intern at TZ Medical has been one that I will not soon forget, and has made me very excited to start my career with TZ. As a business student with zero medical background, this internship gave me more than enough knowledge and experience to confidently enter the medical device sales industry primed for success. From the training, to hands on experience, to ride alongs with reps, there is nothing that you won’t do as a TZ intern. The management team as well as outside reps you will be working with are always trying to help improve your knowledge of our products, best practices, and the healthcare industry as a whole. This is a company where you really feel valued from day one. The culture established at TZ is a very unique one where hard work does not go unnoticed, and no one is unapproachable. Whether it’s the VP Trent, the Director of Sales Casey, or any one of the reps in the field, everyone is happy to help and someone will answer when you call. Aside from the professional experience that the TZ Sales Internship provided, it also introduced me to some lifelong friends. Moving from Arizona to Oregon, somewhere I had never been before, was a much easier transition to make with the support of the other interns. The relationships built over the 4 months spent here are invaluable and make work very enjoyable. In our time here, the other interns and I were able to spend a weekend at the Oregon Coast, go white water rafting in Bend, travel to Los Angeles, explore Portland and grow very close as a friend group. Ultimately, the best compliment I can give to TZ and the Summer Sales Internship would be that if I could go back and do it over again I absolutely would. Joining the TZ Medical team has been one of the best decisions I could’ve made for myself both professionally and personally.
Michael Khawam - 2018 Intern Class, Current Employee
TZ Medical was the perfect place to start my post college career. There was a real chance of employment after the internship and a chance to move up in the company. I found that because TZ is a smaller company, I was really valued by the other employees and upper management. The home office is a fun and outgoing environment, where someone is always willing to help you out. You get hands on training as well as experience selling products, not just doing paperwork. If you are looking to kickoff your career in medical device sales, TZ medical is for you.
Dan Palermo - 2015 Intern Class, Current Employee
Throughout my years in school I worked different jobs and had a few different internships, none of which however, can compare to my experience at TZ Medical. The internship was more than being an extra set of hands to get busy work done. TZ put in the effort to train and teach me how to be successful. I was able to dive into the sales force as an employee would rather than be "an intern". I was hired out of the internship and am constantly thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a great company.
Kelsey Sirgy - 2015 Intern Class, Current Employee