Anti-Fatigue Mats

TZ Medical Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to provide comfort during long-term procedures. The unmatched ergonomic construction reduces discomfort and fatigue caused by standing. Available in multiple sizes, the low-profile, durable edges prevent risk of tripping and allow gurneys and equipment to be rolled over efficiently.

TZ Medical’s OR Mats offer a 3/4” thick cushion of soothing relief and maximum support with an easy-to-clean polyurethane top surface. Our ergonomic standing mat is available in Columbia Blue or DND Red for use in no-interruption zones.
OR Anti-Fatigue Mats
OR Anti-Fatigue Mats
Part #GP-18X24 (18" x 24", OR, Each)
Part #GP-20X32 (20" x 32", OR, Each)
Part #GP-20X48 (20" x 48", OR, Each)
Part #GP-30X72 (OR, 30" x 72", Each)
Standard Anti-Fatigue Mats
Standard Anti-Fatigue Mats
Part #NLEP-20X32 (20" x 32", Standard, Each)
Part #NLEP-20X48 (Standard, 20" x 48", Each)
Part #NLEP-20X72 (Standard, 20" x 72", Each)
Part #NLEP-24X36 (Standard, 24" x 36", Each)
Part #NLEP-36X60 (Standard, 36" x 60", Each)
Disposable Mats
Disposable Mats
Part #DISP-18X30 (Disposable , 18" x 30", Case of 5)
Part #DISP-13X17 (Disposable , 13" x 17", Case of 10)

Anti-Fatigue Mat Features

• Unmatched ergonomic comfort & support

• Constructed with eco-friendly Bio-Foam®

• Durable, stain-resistant surface with brushed texture design

• Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for superior high-traction bottom surface

• Edges beveled for added safety