​TIPSO AirPad™

TIPSO AirPad™  provides a palm-sized, portable solution for convenient control of image navigation, allowing placement inside the sterile field. Touchless finger movements over the sensing surface enable activation of a routine set of controls to interact with procedural imaging to meet the everyday demands.
​TIPSO AirPad™ Device
​TIPSO AirPad™ Device
Part #TIPSO-ASYS-01 (Includes AirPad Device, USB Dongle, Charging Dock, and Wireless Router)

TIPSO AirPad™ Features

• Handheld, portable, and wireless

• Operable inside a sterile bag

• Multimodal imaging control enabled

• Intuitive command activation by finger taps and twirls

• Easy tilt controls allow manual image adjustment
Preserve Sterility  
• Operator no longer needs to scrub in/out to interact with images.

Improve Workflow  
• Faster operative time translates to quicker surgeries and lower costs.

Maintain Operator Focus  
• Over-the-drape controls allow the operator to remain engaged at all times.

Reduce Radiation Exposure  
• Access to live and historical images may reduce the need for addition scans.

Increase Procedural Precision  
• On-demand controls enable review of device navigation and image results.