Safety & Efficiency

Safety & Efficiency

TZ Medical’s line of Safety and Efficiency products are designed to simplify and enhance staff and patient safety with new technology that improves ergonomics, comfort, and communication to provide an optimal user experience.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

TZ Medical Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to provide comfort during extended procedures. The unmatched ergonomic construction reduces discomfort and fatigue caused by standing. Available in multiple sizes, the low-profile, durable edges prevent risk of tripping and allow gurneys and equipment to be rolled over efficiently.

OR Anti-Fatigue Mats

OR Anti-Fatigue Mats are scientifically engineered with conforming gel and supportive foam to provide the ultimate in comfort and support to surgeons, nurses, & technicians. Mats are water-resistant, easy to clean, and provide proper friction level for damp or dry surgical booties.

Pro11 Wireless Headsets

The TZ Medical Pro11 Headset System enables teams to talk hands-free in the Cath Lab and EP Lab and adjacent rooms. With the Pro11 Headset there are no raised voices or straining to hear, just clear, calm communication between every member of the team, reducing stress and creating a better working environment. The system has full connectivity with external broadcast and audiovisual streaming facilities, enabling the physician to participate real-time in remote broadcasts and seminars. Using high-quality DECT frequencies, multiple systems can be used in the same premises without interference.

RadStop Station

The RadStop Station is a lightweight poly-carbonate board designed to hold the Comfort Shield to help protect operators and staff from radiation produced during imaging procedures. The shape and construction of the board is designed to be easily moved under the patient into nearly any configuration to extend radiation protection in ways that fixed position devices can’t achieve. The RadStop Station can be used for all diagnostic and interventional imaging and can help speed up these procedures as well as prevent contamination of equipment.

Slide Tubes

The TZ Medical Slide Tube is a textile-based device used to transfer and reposition patients with multi-use and disposable options. The proprietary fabric, minimizes friction, which reduces risk and improves patient care and caregiver safety. The Slide Tube increases efficiency, while reducing costs associated with lateral patient transfer.