Comfort Shield

The TZ Medical Comfort Shield is a leaded shield accessory that supplements the Comfort Cradle arm board. The shield measures 23” x 30”, offering a large area of radiation protection to medical staff during procedures involving fluoroscopy.

The Comfort Shield is designed to fit easily over the TZ Medical Comfort Cradle arm board and attenuates nearly 98% of secondary and scatter radiation while remaining unobtrusive to the medical staff.
Leaded Shield Drape
Leaded Shield Drape
Part #CZ-105

Comfort Shield Features

• Attenuates 97.9% of secondary and scatter radiation at 80 kVp
• Low-profile design of Comfort Cradle maintained when shield is in use
• Easy to slip on and off the Comfort Cradle arm board
• Durable, flexible material is easy to sanitize, and folds up for storage