Radiation Protection Products

Radiation Protection Products

TZ Medical’s line of radiation protection products provide excellent defense and peace of mind by protecting hospital staff from the harmful effects of secondary and scatter radiation.

Comfort Shield

The TZ Medical Comfort Shield is a leaded shield accessory that supplements the Comfort Cradle arm board. The shield measures 23” x 30”, offering a large area of radiation protection to medical staff during procedures involving fluoroscopy.


The TZ Medical Flipper is a versatile radiation shield designed to keep physicians safe without getting in the way of the procedure. The Flipper may be used on either the right or left side, for femoral groin access, or subclavian access. Convenient adhesive strips on either side of the shield allow it to be secured in place to avoid slipping.

Mobile Barriers

TZ Medical Mobile Barriers are made with Barrier Safe Radiation Protection Glass - a Laminated safety radiation shielding lead glass with 1.6 mm Pb equivalent at 150 kVp - to provide maximum protection. The shatter-resistant glass will not discolor. The mobile barriers are delivered fully assembled.

Radiation Protection Eyewear

TZ Medical Radiation Protection Eyewear provide high-quality protection for any case involving scatter radiation. With multiple sizes and styles, our leaded eyewear are available in RX and anti-reflective options.

SR Headbands

When it comes to radiation, protecting your brain is a top priority. The TZ Medical SR Headband is a cost effective way to block scatter radiation from reaching one of the most sensitive areas of the body during diagnostic and interventional procedures.