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Take advantage of the benefits of Left Radial Artery Access from a comfortable working position. The StandTall™ is an intuitively designed external vascular sheath extender that conveniently redirects workflow to the right side of the procedure table. As a result, you can operate with your preferred dominant hand, maintain optimal posture, and reduce musculoskeletal stress and fatigue. StandTall™ drastically improves both patient and physician positioning for left radial artery procedures performed from the right side of the procedure table. StandTall™ enables the physician to work left radial access cases comfortably, without having to hunch or stoop over and avoids the hassle of having to revert to femoral access and the various increased risks that going femoral entails.

Product Features

  • Improved site access and stability
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Reduces physician fatigue and musculoskeletal stress
  • Greater patient comfort with left arm positioning
  • Quicker recovery and reperfusion times
  • Improved overall procedure satisfaction
  • Reduced cost versus femoral approach
  • Reduced post-op patient management

Ordering Information

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StandTall™ 10cm

StandTall™ 10cm

10cm Sheath Extender
StandTall 15cm

StandTall™ 15cm

15cm Sheath Extender
StandTall 25cm

StandTall™ 25cm

25cm Sheath Extender