ARC - Adjustable Radial Cuff

ARC - Adjustable Radial Cuff

The TZ Medical Adjustable Radial Cuff (ARC) is a premium radial hemostasis controlled compression device designed to accurately apply focused compression to the dermatormy and arteriotomy. The ARC’s structured cuff design and targeted inflation system provide consistent, focused hemostasis and maintain patency of the radial artery (patent hemostasis), while protecting the ulnar artery integrity. The structured design also reduces circumferential compression of the wrist and improves arterial flow to the hand and venus return.

Product Features

Adjustable Inflation System allows for direct pressure over radial artery access site.
Balloon designed to apply precise pressure by fitting into the radial groove.
The contoured design, solid cuff, and ergonomic padding ensures patient comfort and stability.
Buckle and strap combination ensures that the device is snug and insures wrist stability.
Does not require a special syringe to inflate air balloon.
Available in three sizes to ensure proper and comfortable fit for all patients.

The following features set the ARC apart from other radial closure devices.

Ordering Information

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ARC - Small

Adjustable Radial Cuff, Small, Box of 5

ARC - Medium

Adjustable Radial Cuff, Medium, Box of 5

ARC - Large

Adjustable Radial Cuff, Large, Box of 5