Comfort Bands

The flexible plastic Comfort Band provides reliable hemostasis for radial/brachial or dialysis access sites and eliminates the need for manual pressure following needle or sheath removal. The Comfort Band is suitable for use in cardiac cath labs, radiology, and dialysis departments for radial, brachial, and hemodialysis procedures.
The Neptune Comfort Band has all of the great features of the regular Comfort Band, with the addition of a Neptune pad built into the device, to further facilitate hemostasis at the puncture site.
Non-Sterile Comfort Bands
Non-Sterile Comfort Bands
Part #CB-7514B (14”, Blue, Non Sterile)
Part #CB-7517P (17”, Non Sterile, Purple)
Part #CB-7520G (20”, Non Sterile, Green)
Sterile Comfort Bands
Sterile Comfort Bands
Part #CB-8514B (14”, Blue, Sterile)
Part #CB-8517P (17”, Purple, Sterile)
Neptune Comfort Bands
Neptune Comfort Bands
Part #CB-8514N (14”, Blue, With Neptune Pad)
Part #CB-8517N (17”, Purple, With Neptune Pad)

Comfort Band Features

• Bands offer a hands-free approach to hemostasis following needle or sheath removal
• Can be used in cardiac cath labs, radiology departments and dialysis clinics for radial, brachial and hemo-dialysis procedures
• With multiple color-coded lengths to choose from, our bands will fit all body types comfortably
• Cost effective and self-contained hemostasis device