Cobra Board

The Cobra Board is a buttress device that can prevent arm drift during left radial artery procedures. This device accommodates a wide range of anatomies due to the flexible 12” gooseneck design. The gooseneck is also high tensile to prevent the instrumented arm from drifting away from the operator during catheterization procedures. The carbon fiber base plate fits between the procedural table and mattress, and the cuff is positioned behind the patient’s tricep, for optimal patient comfort and enhanced operating ergonomics. 
Cobra Board
Cobra Board
Part #CBR-0004 (Left Arm Positioner)

Cobra Board Features

• High Tensile 12” gooseneck design

• Carbon fiber base plate

• Comfortable and ergonomic cuff

• Prevents arm movement during procedures

• Ball and socket joint on the end of the cuff rotates 360 degrees, allowing more mobility and positioning options