TruBrite - Adhesive Retractor Light

TruBrite - Adhesive Retractor Light

The TruBrite Adhesive Retractor Light is a sterile, single-use light source that maximizes visualization by directing focused light into surgical cavities eliminating possible shadowing caused by overhead lighting systems. This low-profile device is designed with a flexible LED light that can be adjusted to any desired position for optimal illumination lasting over 2 hours of continuous light output. The self-adhesive backing enables the TruBrite to be firmly mounted to multiple surgical instruments and surfaces.

Product Features

Sterile, compact & disposable design that weighs less than 4 grams
Provides continuous light for over 2 hours
Adjustable LED light, provides optimal visibility for any procedure
Self-adhesive backing for effortless mounting on multiple surfaces
No cords or additional components required
Ideal for pacemaker/device implants

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