Sidewinder Board

Part #CZ-009-HH

The TZ Medical Sidewinder Board is a simple solution that improves patient safety and comfort by effectively positioning the anesthesia drape away from the patient's face while undergoing conscious sedation. Designed with a sturdy carbon fiber base and a flexible gooseneck, the Sidewinder Board slides underneath the table mattress on either side of the patient and is easily adjustable during any procedure. The malleable steel and vinyl gooseneck can be molded into unlimited draping positions, enhancing visualization and patient satisfaction.
Sidewinder Board
Sidewinder Board
Part #CZ-009-HH (Anesthesia Drape Positioner)
  • Improves patient comfort
  • Enhances visualization of the patient during procedures
  • Flexible gooseneck can be molded to any desired shape or height
  • Carbon fiber base can be positioned on either side of the patient
  • Compatible with any bed type, no arm rail necessary