Pannus Retention System - 4 Pads, 2 Straps

The Pannus Retention System PRS-04 is a hook & loop pad and strap system designed to safely and effectively move and retain excess tissue. The adhesive backing and adjustable straps preserve tissue integrity, while supporting, retaining, and moving large masses of tissue. The PRS-04 is sterile, designed for surgical applications, and is ideal for high BMI C-sections in Labor & Delivery Departments.
Sterile Pannus Retention System
Sterile Pannus Retention System
Part #CZ-PRS-04 (4 pads, 2 - 48" straps)

PRS-04 Features

• Adhesive pads will not tear or damage patient skin

• Completely adjustable system - will fit any sized patient

• Can be applied in 1 minute

• Easy to reposition after application

• Creates optimal abdominal access

• Hypoallergenic, latex & residue free

• Increases patient comfort and satisfaction

• Sterile and designed for surgical applications