Trident™ Pro 4-in-1 Monitor

Trident™ Pro cardiac monitors combine decades of research and innovation to deliver a solution designed to streamline remote ECG recording from start to finish. Built-in telecom and rechargeable lithium battery deliver the simplicity of a single-piece device with options for remote or local configuration and data transmission.

Trident™ Pro monitors are equipped with a large LED touch screen and on-board patient diary that provides a user-friendly experience for manually recorded patient events. Three channels of ECG data are acquired from surface electrodes adhered to the body, and 8G of internal memory with advanced detection algorithm offer a versatile solution to capture, store, and transmit every beat during Holter, Extended Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry studies for up to 30 days.
Trident™ 40M
Trident™ 40M
Part #H3R-0040 (Holter, Extended Holter, MCT, and Event Monitor)

Fast and simple data retrieval
• Retrieve 24 hours of data in less than one minute using High Speed USB 2.0
• Program the device to automatically upload the data to a remote server

Rapid Device Configuration
• Adjust settings using on-screen interface or wirelessly from a remote server
• Remotely change study modes between Holter, MCT and Event monitoring

Multi-channel signal quality shown on color display during hookup
• Large LCD color touchscreen
• Easy to read display ensures the electrodes are secure before recording starts

Digital Patient Diary
• Simple and user-friendly navigation when entering new events
• No need for paper diary; events are stored on the device
• Events automatically marked on study report

Precise Battery Monitoring
• Rechargeable lithium battery
• Accurate battery life calculations let you know if the battery will last for the whole study 

• TZ Medical preferred 2-year warranty included with no service fees